Arid Lands Newsletter

November-December 2001,
Issue No. 50
ISSN: 1092-5481

The Deserts in Literature, II

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Katherine Waser, Editor
Office of Arid Lands Studies
The University of Arizona

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Editor's note:
Literatures both written and beyond words
by Katherine Waser

Landscape with words in foreground
by N. Scott Momaday

Australian Aboriginals' perceptions of their desert homelands
Part 1
Part 2
by Richard Kimber

African arid landscapes in literature and beyond
by Christine Loflin

Metaphorical and literal depictions of the desert in the Qur'an
by Christine Jo Dykgraaf

Communities at the margins: Arab poetry of the desert
by Maysa Abou-Youssef Hayward

The journey
by Patricia Preciado Martin

Days of summer rain
by Ofelia Zepeda

Etching the desert
by Adriel Heisey

Briefly noted:
Selected resources of interest
compiled by Katherine Waser
Selected news of interest
annotated by Katherine Waser

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The May/June 2002 issue of the Arid Lands Newsletter, ALN No. 51, will focus on the theme of "Mapping Drylands."

Mapping and cartography are powerful tools that have helped human beings better understand their surroundings for millenia. The intent of this issue is to explore how this tool has been used to help humans understand drylands, both historically and in terms of contemporary developments. Historically speaking, what contributions might various drylands cultures have made to the art and science of mapping? In our current age, how have tools like remote sensing and GIS altered mapping and cartography? Articles focusing on current mapping and cartography projects that will lead to a greater understanding of dryland dynamics are particularly encouraged.

Proposals for papers, comments, suggestions for possible authors, suggestions for resources (web, paper, CD-ROM etc.) to be included, etc. are welcome. Please send your suggestions to Katherine Waser, Editor, Arid Lands Newsletter.

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