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The Deserts in Literature, II

Martin: The journey: MLK Jr. Apartments, Tucson

Martin Luther King Apts, Tucson Three views of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Apartments in downtown Tucson, where the Tía in Patricia Preciado Martin's story now lives. The picture to the left shows the front entry to the building, in the shade on 5th Avenue; and the long southern side of the building along Congress St. Below, the picture to the left shows the entrance to the building on 5th Avenue; to the right of the door is the building name and the plaque listing Mayor and Councilmen's names, as listed in the story. A closer view of the building name and plaque is below right.
Entryway to MLK Jr. Apts, with plaque to right of entry Title and plaque on side of MLK Jr. Apt. building

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