Acronyms & Definitions:

CAFO = Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

Discharge =

Discharge of a pollutant means any addition of any pollutant or combination of pollutants to waters of the United States from any point source. This definition includes additions of pollutants into waters of the united States from: surface water runoff which is collected or channeled by man; discharges through pipes, sewers, or other conveyances owned by a state, municipality, or other person which do not lead to a treatment works; and discharges through pipes, sewers, or other conveyances leading into privately owned treatment works. (See, 40 CFR 122.2.)

BMP = Best Management Practices

EID = Environmental Impact Document

EQIP = Environmental Quality Incentives Program

GPS = Global Positioning System

NMP= Nutrient Management Plan

NRCD = Natural Resource Conservation District

NRCS = Natural Resources Conservation Service

NMP = Nutrient Management Plan

NOI = Notice of Intent

NPDES = National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

Spill =

Spill means discharge, usually (but not exclusively) a small, inadvertent discharge of a toxic pollutant or hazardous substance.

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