Water Quality and Animal Feeding Operations in Arizona:
A Producer's Notebook

Table of Contents:

    Introduction  iii
    Acknowledgements  iv
    Frequently Asked Questions v                   
    Informational Websites xii
1. Regulatory Agencies
    Regulatory Agencies  1-1
2.  Federal Regulations
     Introduction to the Clean Water Act 2-1
     Map of 25-year, 24-hour rain events in Arizona 2-2
     EPA Inspections 2-5
     Arizona NPDES General Permit 2-9
3. State Regulations
    Introduction 3-1
    Water Quality Laws and Rules for Arizona 3-2
    Summary of ADEQ’s CAFO Compliance Inspection Program   3-5
    Arizona’s Livestock Facilities 3-9                                                                  
    Notice of Inspection Rights 3-11          
    ADEQ’s Inspection Checklist 3-13 (PDF file, 14KB)
    After the Inspection 3-20                                 
    Notice of Opportunity to Correct 3-21                    
    Notice of Violation 3-23                    
4. Financial & Technical Assistance Agencies
    Introduction 4-1
    Natural Resource Conservation District 4-2
    Natural Resources Conservation Service 4-3  
    Environmental Quality Incentives Program 4-4
    West Maricopa Watershed Program 4-6
    University of Arizona Cooperative Extension 4-7
    Arizona Department of Agriculture 4-9
    Farm Service Agency 4-10
    Directory of Laboratories and Consultants 4-11  
5. Nutrient Management
    Introduction 5-1                                                                        
    NRCS Conservation Practice Standard for Nutrient Management 5-3    
    Draft Phosphorus Assessment Tool for Arizona 5-13
6. Logbook
    Introduction 6-1                       
    Animal Waste Management System Checklist 6-3                                              
    Worksheet #1:  BMP Plan Responsibility         
    Worksheet #2:  Toxic Pollutants and Hazardous Substances
    Worksheet #3:  Potential Pollutant Sources
    Worksheet #4:  Maintenance Schedule
    Worksheet #5:  Erosion Control
    Worksheet #6:  Employee Training
    Worksheet #7:  Annual Monitoring
    Worksheet #8:  Monthly Monitoring
    Worksheet #9:  Quarterly Monitoring
    Worksheet #10: On-Site Land Application
    Worksheet #11: Land Application: Off-Site                  
    Worksheet #12: Reporting Discharges   
    Worksheet #13: Spills

7. Glossary
    Glossary of Terms 7-1                                                                   
    Glossary of Acronyms 7-3

For a printed copy of this notebook please contact the AZ Dept. of Agriculture at 602-542-0137.

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Updated June 2002.

Acronyms and selected definitions

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