International Symposium

Ecology and Management of Lygus Plant Bugs

30 January to 3 February 2005
Ottawa, Canada

Welcome to Ottawa!

Dear Colleagues,

The International Symposium on the Ecology and Management of Lygus is a follow up to workshop activities held at various locations over the last few years dealing with one of the most important economic insect pests in North America. There is a need to develop coordinated efforts and solutions to common research problems in the management of Lygus plant bugs. Additionally, scientific symposia associated with national or international entomology or plant protection meetings do not allow sufficient time for discussions and the exchange of Lygus management experiences. Therefore, an independent International Symposium providing sufficient time for exchange of ideas is urgently needed.

The objectives of this International Symposium are as follows:

  • Enhance national and international collaboration for research on the integrated pest management of Lygus plant bugs in various crops;
  • Exchange of current research results relevant for the ecology and management of Lygus plant bugs;
  • Find solutions to practical problems and highlight information gaps to establish research priorities;
  • Multidisciplinary effort to determine the potential to combine control strategies in an integrated management approach for Lygus control in different crop commodities.

To foster interchange of information among attendees, concurrent sessions will be avoided. All participants can attend all talks together for the duration of the meeting (4 days), giving everyone the maximum exposure to all the ideas discussed and the greatest opportunity to interact with all attendees. Over the following weeks, session leaders will be selected by the scientific committee and speaker selection will be the responsibility of the scientific committee in collaboration with the session leaders. Attendees who are not speakers will have the opportunity to submit their research in the form of a poster presentation.

This notice provides the date and location of the meeting for your planning purposes. At the same time this is a call for papers. To submit your abstract please complete the online form Submission of Papers. Please submit papers according to session themes outlined in the Scientific Outline: Call for Papers.

Please remember the following important deadlines:

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15 August 2004
  1 September 2004
  1 October 2004
  1 December 2004

We look forward to a stimulating symposium and hope that you are able to participate.

In case you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

Kind regards,

Peter Mason
Chair Local Organizing Committee