List of Authors

Technical Sessions

Session: Brackishwater Culture Systems

Stocking Densities of Nile Tilapia in Shrimp Ponds Under Different Feeding Strategies
Pages 402-420
Yang Yi, K. Fitzsimmons, Wanwisa Saelee and Potjanee Clayden
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Brackishwater Culture of Tilapias in the Philippines: An Assessment.
Pages 421-425
Rafael D. Guerrero III and Luzviminda A. Guerrero
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Salinity Tolerance of Oreochromis niloticus and O. mossambicus F1 Hybrids and Their Successive Backcross
Pages 426-438
Mateo, Dennis; Aguilar, Riza; Campos, Wilfredo; Katalbas, Ma. Severa Fe; Sanares, Roman; Edra, Rolando; Chevassus, Bernard; Lazard, Jerome; Morrisens, Pierre; Baroiller, Jean Francois; and Rogñon, Xavier
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Effects of Fertilization Rates on Growth Performance of Red Tilapia at Different Salinities
Pages 439-450
Yang Yi, James S. Diana and C. Kwei Lin
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Supplemental Feeding for Red Tilapia Culture in Brackishwater
Pages 451-462
Yang Yi, James S. Diana and C. Kwei Lin
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Development of Tilapia for Saline Water in the Philippines.
Pages 463-478
M. M. Tayamen, T.A. Abella, R. A. Reyes, Ma. J. C. Danting, A. M. Mendoza, E. B. Marquez, A. C. Salguet, M. M. Apaga and R. C. Gonzales
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Culture of Hybrid Red Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus x O. niloticus) in Marine Cages: Effects of Stocking Density and Growth
Pages 479-483
Jose Luis Balcazar, Anibal Aguirre, Geovanny Gomez and Walter Paredes
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Effect of Stocking Density of Red Hybrid Tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) on Growth and Survival on Tilapia and Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in Polyculture
Pages 484-486
Alejandro Macdonald-Vera, Neil J. Duncan, Wilfrido M. Contreras-Sánchez, and Kevin Fitzsimmons
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