Agricultural Technology Management & Education

B.S. in Agricultural Technology Management & Education

Innovating 21st-century agricultural solutions

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Median Industry Pay (U.S. BLS 2023)

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Create a healthier, more sustainable future for our planet, using technology, policy and education.

With a B.S. in Agricultural Technology Management & Education, you'll gain the tools and training needed to make a lasting impact in our world. From working with cutting-edge tech to teaching future leaders in agriculture, our graduates will enter the workforce prepared for a lifetime of meaningful contribution. We offer the experience and hands-on training employers are looking for, while giving students the opportunity to specialize in one of three areas of emphasis.

Students in the Agricultural Technology Management and Education major can choose one of three emphases:

Agricultural Technology Management Emphasis: Master the latest agriculture technology for a hands-on career

Leadership & Communication Emphasis: Develop leadership skills to shape the future of agriculture

Teaching Emphasis: Combine your love of teaching with your passion for agriculture and the environment

The College of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences offers $1 million in scholarships to our students! Combine these options with university scholarships and support from privately funded scholarships and you're well on your way to achieving your educational goals at a price you can afford.

Students in the Department of Agricultural Education, Technology & Innovation have exclusive access to nearly $27,500 program-specific scholarships, awarded from 5 different scholarships -- in addition to $230,000 in scholarships that are available to all or most CALES students.

A degree in Agricultural Technology Management & Education prepares you for careers in agricultural management, innovation and education. It also can serve as a springboard for graduate school. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for careers related to agricultural managers was $83,770 (2022).

Although your career possibilities are limitless, here are some example career paths our students follow:

AGTE with Agricultural Technology Management Emphasis: 
  • Crop Advising
  • Greenhouse Management
  • Turf Grass Management
  • Horticulture Industry Professional
AGTE with Leadership & Communication Emphasis: 
  • Agricultural Policymaker
  • Agricultural Literacy and Advocacy Specialist
  • Media and Communications Manager
  • Extension Agent
AGTE with Teaching Emphasis: 
  • High School Agriculture Teacher
  • College Professor
  • Agriculture Extension Educator
  • Government Advisor

AGTE with Agricultural Technology Management Emphasis: 
Applications in Agricultural Mechanics
Integrated Pest Management
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition


AGTE with Leadership & Communication Emphasis:
Leadership Principles and Practices
Team and Organizational Leadership
AGTE with Teaching Emphasis: 
Plant and Animal Science
Curriculum Development
Student Teaching Internship