Nutrition & Human Performance

B.S. in Nutrition & Human Performance

Maximizing health across the lifespan

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Median Industry Pay (U.S. BLS 2023)

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Optimize health and physical performance by combining nutrition, physical activity and behavioral change.

In the B.S. in Nutrition and Human Performance undergraduate degree program, you’ll learn to combine nutrition, athletics, exercise and behavioral sciences to improve quality of life at every stage. When you graduate, you’ll be ready for a career in the health and fitness industry, community health and wellness, or to pursue graduate studies in physical therapy, exercise physiology and related health sciences.

The College of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences offers $1 million in scholarships to our students! Combine these options with university scholarships and support from privately funded scholarships and you're well on your way to achieving your educational goals at a price you can afford.

Students in the School of Nutritional Sciences & Wellness have exclusive access to over $80,000 in program-specific scholarships, awarded from 14 different scholarships -- in addition to $230,000 in scholarships that are available to all or most CALES students.

A degree in Nutrition & Human Performance prepares you for careers in strength & conditioning coaching, physical fitness, training and wellness. It also serves as a springboard for graduate programs in physical wellness and fitness. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for nutritionists was $69,680 per year with a faster than average job growth overall (2023).

Although your career possibilities are limitless, here are some example career paths our students follow:

  • Athletic Trainer: Help athletes prevent, diagnose, and treat sports-related injuries to keep them performing at their best.
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach: Design and implement training programs to improve athletic performance, strength, and overall fitness.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy: Help patients improve their mobility and perform the activities of daily life following injury or illness, or as part of a mental health treatment plan.

The B.S. in Nutrition & Human Performance gives you access to courses at the intersection of nutrition, fitness, medicine and health, such as:

Nutrition & Human Performance Internship
Sports Nutrition
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Nutrition & Metabolism
Careers in Nutrition & Human Performance
Nutrition, Physical Activity, & Health Promotion
Human Body Composition