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Fungal Foray -Mount Lemmon September 15th, 2013

Home Assignment due September 3, 2013

Video: Fungi- the Rotten World About Us

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  • Classification Summary Guide
  • Classification Questions
  • Fungal structures, asexual growth and development
  • Study Guides for Exam 2

  • Sexual reproduction study questions
  • Spore Dispersal and Dormancy Study Questions
  • Slime Molds Study Questions
  • Oomycota, Hyphochtytriomycota, and Chytridiomycota Study Questions
  • Study Guides for Exam 3

  • Zygomycota Study Questions
  • Ascomycota and Deuteromycota Study Questions
  • Basidiomycota Study Questions

  • Review Questions for the Final Exam


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