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Crop Growth and Development for Irrigated Chile (Capiscum annuum) by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth, Paul W. Brown & Stephanie Walker, 2010. (PDF, 608KB)
Measuring Water Flow in Surface Irrigation Ditches and Gated Pipe (2004) PDF file, 278 KB
Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Four Corners Irrigation Workshop (2004) PDF file. 2.05MB
AZSCHED is a computer program from the University of Arizona which can be used to assist you in scheduling your irrigations
Irrigation news, drip irrigation, and water quality issues
Water Use in Vegetables: Carrots (Arizona Water Series #28), 1999., PDF file, 124KB
Water Use in Vegetables: Cauliflower (Arizona Water Series #27), 1999., PDF file, 117KB
Water Use in Vegetables: Western Head Lettuce (Arizona Water Series #26), 1999., PDF file, 122KB
Water Use in Vegetables: Dry Bulb Onions (Arizona Water Series #25), 1999., PDF file, 101KB
Methods of Determining When to Irrigate (2001) (7 pp.), PDF file, 359 KB
Measuring Water Flow and Rate (Arizona Water Series #24), (1999) (4 pp.), PDF file, 40KB
Determining the Amount of Irrigation Water Applied to a Field, (2000) (3 pp.), PDF file, 34KB
Guidelines for Head Lettuce Production in Arizona IPM Series, Number 12, 445KB
Consumptive Use of Water Charts for broccoli, early & late canteloupe, lettuce, onion, sweet corn
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More information on irrigation.

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