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Detour signThe following links go to web pages, provided by the Extension Plant Pathology section of the University of Arizona. They contain text and pictures on vegetable and melon disease diagnosis, prevention and management. You will need to use your back button to return to the ACIS site.

Diseases of Citrus in Arizona (2011) PDF version 1045 kb

Characterization of Alternaria isolates associated with Alternaria Rot of Citrus PDF file, 1.7MB (2002 report to the Arizona Citrus Research Council)

Yuma County Farm Notes

Some Practical Steps to Manage and Combat Wood Rot in Lemons (9/03)

Citrus Report Articles:

Biology and Control of Lemon Tree Wood Rot Diseases (2002) PDF file, 118KB
Evaluation of Fungicidal Management of Alternaria Rot on Citrus Fruit in 2000-2001 Season (2001) PDF file, 95KB
Studies of the Biology and Control of Brown Heartwood Rot on Lemon Trees in 2000 (2001) PDF file, 121KB
Effect of Temperature and Moisture on Survival of Phytophthora in Citrus Grove Soil (2000) PDF file, 25KB
Impact of preplant soil treatments on survival of Phythophthora in citrus soils (1999) PDF file, 25KB
Improving Management and Control of Fungal Diseases Affecting Arizona Citrus Trees, 1997 (1998)
Presentations: The following are files of slides that accompanied verbal presentations that were given at various agricultural meetings. Please note file sizes. Disclaimers

Mauk, P.A. Phytophthora Disease Management in Citrus (6 slides /page PDF file, 201KB) One slide per page PDF file, 448KB 14th Annual Desert Crops Workshop, Holtville, California. December 3, 2003.

Matheron, Michael. Modes of Action for Plant Disease Management Chemistries HTML version Power Point version, 546KB, 11th Annual Desert Vegetable Crop Workshop, Yuma, AZ. December 6, 2001.




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Dr. Mary Olsen
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The University of Arizona
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Phone: 520-626-2681

Dr. Michael Matheron
Extension Specialist/Research Scientist
Department of Plant Pathology The University of Arizona
Yuma Agricultural Center
Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: 520-726-0458

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