Subsurface Drip Irrigation Demonstration and Research Project
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Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Demonstration and Research Project

Department of Soil, Water,
and Environmental Science

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Seasonal Results
Selected from the following to view a presentation of results from past seasons
2002-2003 Broccoli (v. Marathon)
planted: 10/11/02
2003 Seedless Watermelons
planted: 04/02/03
2003-2004 Broccoli (v. Marathon)
planted: 11/12/03
2004 Broccoli (v. Marathon)
planted: 09/04/04
2005 Watermelon
planted: 04/27/05
2005/2006 Barley (v. Poco)
planted: 11/14/05
2006 Seedless Watermelons
planted: 04/22/06
2006 cover crop: Papago Peas

planted: 10/27/06

2007 Cotton (Bt Roundup Ready Flex)
   planted: 04/04/07
2008 Cotton (Bt Roundup Ready Flex)
planted: 04/04/08
2009 Cabbage (Organic vs Conventional)
planted: Nov '09
2010 Fall Melons (Organic vs Conventional)
planted: Aug '10
2010 Broccoli

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