Roy Amara
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

Biography: (Former) President, Institute for the Future, Menlo Park, CA. This institute does contract work for government and private corporations. Formerly with Stanford Research Institute. Born in Boston, 1925. BS Management, MS Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. Systems Engineering.

Comments by rlc: widely experienced, generally balanced views

Worldview: more limits on economic growth and personal consumption, more participation for individuals and groups wanting access into economic and political systems, greater complexity - everything links to everything and greater interdependence, and accelerating change making history less useful as a guide.

Driving force views
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Time horizon and relative optimism
Global and sociotechnical orientation

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Note: a primary reference for much of this material is Coates, Joseph and Jennifer Jarratt. What Futurists Believe, A World Future Society Book, Published by Lamond in 1989. 340 pages.

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