Futures Thinkers
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

Brief biological sketches and perspectives from several well-known futures authors/consultants:
Roy Amara
Daniel Bell
Kenneth Boulding
Marvin Cetron
Arthur Clarke
Joseph Coates
Peter Drucker
Michael Marien
James Ogilvy
Peter Schwartz
Robert Theobald
Note: a primary reference for much of this material is Coates, Joseph and Jennifer Jarratt. What Futurists Believe, A World Future Society Book, Published by Lamond in 1989. 340 pages.

Cross references for the above thinkers

Areas of agree/disagree/possible changes

Maps to perspectives of individual futurists:

Time horizon and relative optimism
Global and sociotechnical orientation

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Prepared by Roger L. Caldwell