Michael Marien
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

Biography: Independent consultant on future issues (LaFayette, NT), editor of Future Survey. Born in Washington, D.C., 1938. Formal degrees: MBA (Organizational Theory) and Ph.D. in Social Science/National Planning (interdisciplinary).

Comments by rlc: uniquely positioned to reflect on other futurists and general literature by virtue of editorship of Future Survey. Generally well rounded with a greater collection of views from mixed disciplines than the typical writer.

Worldview: Believes key terms are driving forces, events, ideas, and technologies. Also believes weak futures relates to narrow frames of reference and a failure to account for uncertainties and the impacts of major events.

Driving force views
Compare with others on views: Time horizon and relative optimism
Global and sociotechnical orientation

Thinkers Index

Note: a primary reference for much of this material is Coates, Joseph and Jennifer Jarratt. What Futurists Believe, A World Future Society Book, Published by Lamond in 1989. 340 pages.

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Prepared by Roger L. Caldwell