Please contact us first if you are planning on submitting specimens to the University of Arizona herbarium.

Specimens submitted for deposit to ARIZ can be either:

  1. Dried and unmounted, in a single folded sheet of newspaper. Please ensure your name and collection number are clearly marked on the outside of the newspaper in the lower right margin. --OR--
  2. Dried and mounted on standard herbarium stock.

An adequate label (or description which can be used to produce a label) must accompany the specimen. For unmounted specimens in newspaper, the label or description should be included loose inside the newspaper with the specimen. Do not tape the label to the newspaper. If you are submitting a large number of specimens, you may provide us with a photocopy of the relevant pages of your collection book instead of individual descriptions.

All specimen descriptions--whether they be in the form of labels, separate sheets of paper, or collection notes--must meet certain minimum standards for incorporation into our database. For a detailed description of these standards, as well as a downloadable specimen description form, see the Specimen Labels page.