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Regional releases
Catch the Rain. Story aired on Living on Earth - 11/11/11 [MP3]
Water Issues are a High Priority - RWQ001 [PDF]
Government Activity in Water & Environmental Issues - RWQ002 [PDF]
Safe Drinking Water - A Common Concern for. . . - RWQ003 [PDF]
Reclaiming Wasterwater for Benificial Uses - RWQ004 [PDF]
Small Scale Animal Waste Management - RWQ005 [PDF]
Detecting Leptospira in Water: Preliminary Results from a Regional
Collaboration, University of Hawaii and University of Nevada [PDF]
Southwest States releases
Nitrate Index Tool Available For Growers - SWWQ001 [PDF]
Do Pet Recreation Areas Affect Water Quality? - SWWQ002 [PDF]
Catch the Rain! Rainwater Harvesting Activities 4-H2O: A Guide for 4-H Leaders and Teachers. [Order Online here]
Hawaii & Pacific Islands releases
Water Issues Are a High Priority in the Pacific - HPIWQ001 [PDF]
Beaches, Coastlines, Coastal Waters Get. . . - HPIWQ002 [PDF]
Pollutants Suspected of Affecting Water Quality - HPIWQ003 [PDF]
Drinking Water Trends in The Pacific - HPIWQ004 [PDF]
The Effectiveness of Using H2S to Test Household Drinking Water Sources - HPIWQ005 [PDF]
Water Issues in Hawaii: A Survey of Public Attitudes [PDF]
Livestock Manure Management in the American Pacific Islands. In the AWRA publication, IMPACT (see pp 14-17) [PDF]
European Union and SOPAC Republic of the Marshall Islands Majuro and Kwajalein Atoll Household Water Survey Report February 2010 [PDF] and Dren: Water Challenges in the Marshall Islands [Video]

Dren: Water Challenges in the Marshall Islands from Pacific Water on Vimeo.

Red Tide Algal Bloom in Pago Pago Harbor, American Samoa [ PDF ]
Water Issues in Hawaii: A survey of public attitudes in Hawaii (survey instrument) [ PDF ]
Empowering rural communities: simple Water Safety Plans [ PDF ]
Water Issues in Hawaii: Public Attitudes in 2004 and 2010 [ PDF ] new
Electrical Conductivity and Major Cation Concentrations in
Municipal Water from Tutuila Island, American Samoa [ PDF ] new
Summary of Accomplishments
2011 Southwest States and Pacific Islands Regional Projects of Excellence
  • Alternative Waste Management Solutions for Small Scale Piggery Operations [Outcome Report]
  • Quality of Unregulated Rural Water Supplies in the Northern Navajo Nation [Outcome Report]
  • Safe Application of Reclaimed Water Reuse in the Southwestern United States [Outcome Report]
  • Assessing and Managing the Health Risks of Irrigation Water in the Lower Colorado River basin [Outcome Report]
  • Na Wai Ola... Waters of Life: Protecting and Preserving Water Resources in the Pacific [Poster]
2008 Regional Review
  • Region 9 Water Quality Coordination Project [Web Page]
  • Review of accomplishments as part of the Drinking Water and Human Health Theme [Web Page]
  • On the farm...where water quality and food safety come together [Web Page]
  • Nitrate Groundwater Pollution Hazard Index [Web Page]
  • Alternative Waste Management Systems for Swine Operations in the American Pacific [Web Page]
  • Research and Outreach Activities in Water Reuse [Web Page]
Impact Report 2007 - 2008 [ pdf ]
Impact Report 2006 - 2007 [PDF]
Impact Report 2005 - 2006 [PDF]
Impact Report 2004 - 2005 [PDF]
National Conference Posters
Southwest States & Pacific Islands: Collaboration Across a Vast Region | 2011 [PDF]
Southwest States and Pacific Island Regional Water Program: Joining Forces on a Common Issue | 2010 [PDF]
Field Methods in Ecohydrology: Studies in an Urban Watershed | 2010 [PDF]
Snowcloud: Development of a Distributed In Situ Instrument for Snowpack Monitoring | 2010 [PDF]
Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Community Outreach Activities
in Majuro, Marshall Islands | 2010 [PDF]
Metals Releases and Disinfection Byproduct Formation in Domestic Wells Following Shock Chlorination | 2010 [PDF]
Quality of Unregulated Rural Water Supplies in the Northern Navajo Nation | 2010 [PDF]
Detecting Leptospira in Water: Preliminary Results from a Regional Collaboration [PDF]

Dry Litter Waste Management System For Small-scale Piggery in the Western Pacific [PDF]

Evaluation of a Method to Detect Leptospira in Water: Preliminary Results from a Regional Collaboration [PDF]

Highlighting Efforts Around the Region - 2007 [PDF]

Land Application of Livestock Manure in Hawaii and the American Pacific [PDF]

Public Perceptions of Water and Environmental Issues in the Southwest States and Pacific Islands [PDF]

Small Scale Livestock Waste Management Practices for Pacific Islands [PDF]

Use of aquaculture effluent to relieve water shortage and reduce fertilizer use in Guam [PDF]

Water Quality and Human Health: Addressing the Connections [PDF]

Region 9 Searchable Database
Search for more publications and web resources by state, subject area, and type of resource. Many of the publications in our database are downloadable at no cost to the user.
Region 9 Web Tools
Nitrate Leaching Hazard Index - Easy to use index helps farmers to identify the potential for nitrate contamination of groundwater.
Understanding Contaminants - This University of Nevada website lists water contaminants and discusses maximum exposure levels and potential health effects.
Water Test Interpreter - The water test interpreter helps consumers better understand laboratory findings pertaining to their household drinking water test.