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Youth Activities: Water Resources

These activities were developed to make learning and demonstrating water resource concepts exciting and fun!  They can be adapted for elementary and secondary students, both in and out of the classroom.  All the activities are hands-on and most are low cost or no cost.  Each activity has a one-sentence purpose, background for the educator, list of materials, step-by-step procedure, and extensions. The individual activities below have also been compiled into a booklet in PDF format.

* Introductory Activities
* Drinking Water Activities
* Groundwater Activities
* Watershed Activities
* Glossary

Introductory Activities
  1. Water Tasting
  2. Acting Out the Water Cycle
  3. Water Cycle Relay Race
  4. How Small is a PPM?

Drinking Water Activities
  1. Sources of Drinking Water
  2. How Drinking Water is Cleaned

Groundwater Activities
  1. Mini-Groundwater Models
  2. Contamination of an Aquifer

Watershed Activities
  1. What is a Watershed?
  2. Use Your Head, Protect Your Watershed!