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November-December 2002,
Issue No. 52
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Special issue: Selected papers from the IALC conference,
Assessing Capabilities of Soil and Water Resources in Drylands:
The Role of Information Retrieval and Dissemination Technologies

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Katherine Waser, Editor
Office of Arid Lands Studies
The University of Arizona

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Editor's note:
Collaboration as a tool for improving quality and availability of drylands data
by Katherine Waser

  • Preface (on the IALC web site)
    by Donald Hegwood

Overview: Dryland environments
by Peter Ffolliot, Jeffrey O. Dawson, James T. Fisher, Itshack Moshe, Tim E. Fulbright, Abdullah Al Musa, W. Carter Johnson and Paul Verburg

Planning and managing soil and water resources in drylands: Role of watershed management
by Kenneth N. Brooks and M'Hammad Tayaa

Spatial variability in arid soils: Sampling and characterization issues
by Dale W. Johnson, R.B. Susfalk, W.W. Miller, J.M. Murphy, D.E. Todd, Jr., P. Verburg and R.F. Walker

Collection and organization of source data
by Cathy E. McGuire

Assessing the capabilities of soil and water resources
by Daniel G. Neary, Leonard F. DeBano and Malchus B. Baker (deceased)

Producing, conserving, and sustaining soil and water resources: The role of watershed management
by Peter F. Ffolliott and Kenneth N. Brooks

An interactive Virtual Soil Museum: A pilot project of the International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC) with focus on arid soils
by Otto Spaargaren, Jan Erik Wien, Onno Roosenschoon and Willem-Jan Nelson

Interactional digital libraries: Uses and users
by Anita Coleman

Building a global arid lands information system: A collaborative approach
by Barbara Hutchinson

Briefly noted:
Selected resources of interest
compiled by Katherine Waser
Selected news of interest
annotated by Katherine Waser

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Because of this current special issue, the call for papers that was originally issued for November/December 2002 now applies for the May/June 2003 issue of the Arid Lands Newsletter. This issue, ALN No. 53, will focus on the theme of "Using geospatial technologies to develop participatory tools for natural resources management."

Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems offer powerful tools for researchers and land managers, but if their full potential as tools for natural resources management is ever to be reached, they also need to incorporate social information gathered on the ground and at scales, such as the household level, that are not accessible to geospatial technologies. Furthermore, if tools based on these technologies are truly to be participatory, they must be designed with serious input from, and must be useful and accessible to, "on-the-ground" land managers, stakeholders, and residents of arid lands. In other words, such tools would help promote "bottom-up" rather than "top-down" management and use of resources. What is being done to enable this to happen? Case studies of projects in which such participatory tools are being actively developed are particularly welcome, as are articles exploring development of community-based tools (for example, participatory GIS or PPGIS).

Proposals for papers, comments, suggestions for possible authors, suggestions for resources (web, paper, CD-ROM etc.) to be included, etc. are welcome. Please send your suggestions to Katherine Waser, Editor, Arid Lands Newsletter.

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