Alumni & Friends

Alumni & Friends

Join alumni and friends who provide philanthropic support and opportunities for our students to grow into future leaders.

You want to change the world, together we can.

Relationships matter. We’ve become a world-class academic institution by developing long-lasting relationships with our alumni and supporters. It’s through you that we can ensure student success from admission to graduation to job placement, which in turn will impact the fundamental economic, environmental and social issues of modern-day society. From philanthropy to volunteering, explore how you can make an impact with CALES. 


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Philanthropy fuels innovation. CALES is committed to delivering on the promise of our land-grant mission — ensuring Wildcats who enter our college feel a sense of belonging, are supported, and that they, too, can put science to work to impact the world over.

Together, what we do here can fuel wonder. 

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Sustainable, Arid Environments

Arid environments make up more than 35% of the world and are home to the fastest growing populations on the planet. In the hot and water-scarce Southwest, we’re working to help communities adapt to a drier future—from wildfire management to supporting ecological biodiversity, from developing new technologies to get the most out of every drop of water to innovative solutions to sustainable agriculture and food.

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Human Wellness

While there are many different definitions of “wellness,” we take a holistic approach that meets people where there are and helps them get where they want to be. From nutrition and food security to preventing infectious and chronic disease, personal and financial planning to growing healthy and supportive families.  It’s about lifestyle medicine and understanding that lifelong well-being is intrinsically linked to the health of our environments, economies and communities.

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Student Success

We are committed to expanding economic opportunity for our students and their families. Our goal is for 100% of our entering students to complete their degree. We offer support to match their individual needs because we recognize that students arrive to our programs from different backgrounds, with different learning styles, and their own unique financial and personal challenges. Tailored support is what we do to level the playing field and facilitate equal opportunity.

Making a difference.

Wonder, curiosity, innovation and academic excellence drive our interaction with the fundamental issues confronting society. Meet the people making an impact at CALES.