Scholarships & financial aid

A college degree will help you bridge the space between your aspirations and living out your dreams, whether you want to travel the world, save lives, provide for your family, or make an unforgettable difference in your community.

That's why the College of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences offers more than $1 million in additional financial aid resources each year to help students like you achieve your college goals. This is on top of the aid available from the University of Arizona.

As a CALES student, you're eligible for nearly 200 scholarships reserved specifically for majors in our college. You don't have to have a perfect GPA either — you could qualify based on your campus and community involvement, personal background and experiences, or career goals. Award amounts vary up to a few thousand dollars.

Apply by April 1 to Qualify for Scholarships

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How to apply for CALES scholarships in 3 steps:

1. Prepare
2. Apply
3. Matching questions

More information

  • Applications open: January 1 - April 1
  • Scholarship award notifications: Notifications sent in summer via an email to your email account 
  • CALES scholarships are awarded for the academic year only (fall and spring semester). If you’re awarded a scholarship, you’ll be asked to write a thank you letter to the generous donor who funded your scholarship. See our tips for writing a thank you letter.
  • Students who were not awarded scholarships will be notified via email before the academic year begins. The email will be sent to their official Arizona email address.

CALES Career and Academic Services maintains and updates CALES scholarship policies as needed. View details of our scholarship policies and how they relate to students and academic units.

Scholarship questions

Contact Camille Andersen, Director of Scholarship Administration, or 520-621-3612.