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The CATTS Program is a dedicated to advancing Science, Math and Technology in the classroom. Through collaborative partnerships between Researchers, University Students and Educators CATTS strives to forge a greater understanding of learning at all levels. The CATTS program serves the University of Arizona and the greater Tucson community by providing innovative teaching methods and experiential learning projects in conjunction with the National Science Foundation GK-12 Science Teaching initiative.






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Please note that the 2008-2009 Academic Year will serve as the last year of the CATTS GK-12 NSF project so we will not longer be accepting application for new fellows or projects.

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Megan Alexander

wins Ventana Innovation in Engineering Award ($1,000) !!!

Megan won this prestigious award for her role in the design of a “Patient-Specific Endovascular Graft”. This project combined Computer Aided Design with 3-D printing technologies to produce a patient-specific endovascular graft that can be used to divert blood away from an aortic aneurysm. The patient-specific device was designed in response to theories that failure is less likely if a graft conforms to the patient's individual aortic geometry.

Project Sponsor: Soft Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory Award Sponsor: Ventana Medical Systems Team members: Jesse Hibbs, Kurt Meister, Clayton Koevary, Jennifer Watson, Megan Alexander and Winston Yu.

In addition to winning awards, Megan is also busy working alongside graduate Fellow Arianne at Sycamore Elementary with their partnering educator Tricia Beck and her amazing students!

Megan Alexander presents the Patient Specific Endo-Vascular Graft.

Photo Left: Ariane Mortazavi (CATTS Graduate Fellow) and Megan Alexander (CATTS Undergraduate Fellow) pose for a photo with science educator Tricia Beck and her son at the UA Engineering Innovation Event. Photo Above: Tricia Beck and Megan Alexander with students from Sycamore Elementary school. What a great team!